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Welcome to Southern Retail Services

Your Premium Retail Machine Manager.

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Helping businesses generate additional income.

Turn-Key Service for all businesses. 

6-Point Guarantee

1) We purchase quality machines for your building. Businesses don't have to make large upfront purchases of a machine. 

2) We install the machines in your business. Business owners don't have to break a sweat placing machines in your building.

3) We stock all atms with cash and clean all vacuums and air pumps. No headaches for management.

4) We provide maintenance of all machines.  Businesses don't have to worry about calling repairmen and worrying about downtime.  

5) We collect all cash and debit transactions. All businesses have to do is wait on the portion of the profits monthly. 

6) The "You First" Approach: We are a customer-focused business that provides machines tailored to the goals of your business needs.

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About Us

Southern Retail Services is a Houston-based machine services company with affiliates throughout the Southern U.S.

We are a minority-owned business looking to grow in this vastly expansive region of the county.

Increasing foot traffic, increasing revenue streams and increasing customer revenue by providing quality machines for customers across the Southern United States.

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611 Cavalcade St
Houston, TX 77009

(281) 972-5505

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